I'm calling it! It's over! I'm moving on!

Good bye summer sewing...

I didn't plan this, but it's been the summer of the skirt! After I spent a day (late spring) trudging in sweltering heat and swimming through the humidity, capris and shorts were not working for me! Fabric sticking to skin is not stylish on me, IMO. These skirt were super easy to make, they don't require much fabric, and they can be finished in an hour or two.

In the tops and bottoms category there are 2 items that were not necessarily outfitted the most, they were just great for me!: the Sunset Seagulls Tank & the Impressionist Pencil Skirt. This skirt ranks highest overall, the print is so versatile, casual or dressy. It's not clingy and wades through humidity quite nicely.

Here's the breakdown:

7 Skirts:
Zebra pencil skirt (worn 5 times)
Vintage zebra pencil skirtt (worn 1 time)
Impressionist pencil skirt (worn 3 times)
Turkish delight pencil skirt (worn 1 time)
Navy tropical skirt (worn 3 times)  Thought I did a post but it's the same pattern as the zebra pencil skirt.
Stretch linen pleated skirt (worn 1 time)
Vintage A+ skirt (worn 1 time)

4 Tops
Sunset seagulls tank (worn 3 times)
Vacay Flutter Tank (worn 2 times)
Vacay Tulle Fountain Tank (worn 2 times)
Sweet Ruffle Wrap blouse (worn 1 time)

1 Apron
Zebra, Toile, Batik Oh my! Apron & here.(worn 2 times)

3 Pants (Transition ready!)
Minnie Penny Pant 3
A Little Bit Skinny Penny Pant 2
Skinny Penny Pant 1

2 DIY Upgrade
Liberty Floral Daze Cardigan (worn 2 times)
Black Lattice Belt (worn 1 time)

Well, now that I look back, I didn't reach my goal, so far as the number, of dresses sewn. What really slowed me down, was not having/finding the right fabric for the pattern. I could have squeezed in another solid/cotton brocade. But I'm very happy that I achieved different goal of adding color and prints to my wardrobe. Finally! I think the solid dress and the print neutrals will be most wearable for next year, for sure, we will have to see about the others.

As you can tell there's a certain shape and form that just works for me. The sheath dress is my comfort and staple, my signature if you will.  I want to continue to try out new shapes so that my signature stays fresh, not boring!   After wearing each of these dresses one of them rises above. This dress interrupted my conversations and interrupted conversations in passing. It's the Painted Zebra Wrap dress! I was trying something different and it worked!

2 neutral prints that I will be able to wear next year:
Painted zebra wrap dress (worn 1 time)
Vintage cowl neck dress (worn 1 time)

1 Solids (seasonless, I plan to wear it in the winter too, with tights!)
Vintage Cowl Neck Dress (worn 1 time)

3 Summer print dresses
Impressionist Floral Dress (worn 2 times)
Hot Shoulder Dress (worn 2 times)
Charlotte York Goldblat SATC 2 homage dress (worn 1 time)

1 dress for HLS
The Alumni Dress & here.(at least twice)

Hmm... seems like I'm forgetting something, maybe not.  But I've been productive & practicing! Getting back into it after a winter of here & there projects, has been rewarding! It's not a wardrobe, but I sewed what I wanted, and I like that.

So what's next...
Building a transitional wardrobe on the pants that I've just sewn, then adding in tops, jackets and suits and dresses. But I'm starting with separates. You might see a couple summer items pop up this month, but it's time to plan forward.   And of course there will some surprises in-between.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You really made some gorgeous things!

  2. Great post! You have made some beautiful items!!!

    A friend of mine has me in the mood to sew separates as well. I went through my closet to see what items I needed and what colors and I've already started putting patterns/fabrics together!

    I finished my Vogue 1190 and I THINK that is my last summer dress lol. I'm ready for FALL! LOL

  3. Thanks Erica B.!

    Adrienne, you are really planning this out! That's great! I can't wait to see your version! will you post soon? Thanks!

  4. Wow! Great end of the summer review. Love your summer collection! The pretty zebra dress is unique in relation to your other fashionably beautiful dresses.

    The pictorial of your skirts is the best. Your romantic tops are perfectly matched with the skirts.

    Yes, fall is but two extremely hot weeks away. Chuckle, chuckle. Looking forward to your fall wardrobe.

    Happy Sewing,

    PS - I think I'll do a review too. Wink, wink.

  5. Cennetta, Thanks! Yea, the zebra dress is a step away from what I normally do. I'll be looking out for your summer sewing finale!

  6. awesome sewing! You had a very productive summer. I'm with you, though - done with summer sewing ;)

  7. You've sewn some great clothes and have styled them beautifully! You've got lots to be proud of (smile)!

  8. A little sewing on the side, thanks so much!

  9. Thank Victoria! I'm really glad that I have some great summer outfits!

  10. wow, I love how you did a finally post for your summer sewing, beautiful garments, looking forward to seeing your fall collections


  11. HLT what an awesome review of your sewing for the summer! Beautiful pieces each and everyone! I can't wait to see your fall collection and I just know it will be equally wonderful! Oh and I forgot to mention...you look stunning in each piece too! :)

  12. Thanks toy! After reviewing some plans, I can assure you that this fall will be very interesting.

    Oh Myra, how sweet! Thanks for commenting!

  13. I loved seeing the collection of your summer pieces - they are great. I think the dresses are my favorite - they all look RTW! Can't wait to see what your fall sewing brings...

  14. Beautiful summer collection, can't wait to see what you do for fall.

  15. A sewn wardrobe, thanks for commenting on my dresses! Wow!

    Kola roth, Thank you!

  16. I get so excited when I see your projects. You are amazing with the choice of fabric and colours. All the items suit you perfectly. Looking forward to more!

  17. You had a really productive summer and made some gorgeous pieces...and even though your skirts and dresses are amazing...I have to admit that I really love your DIY cardigan! It was just so wonderfully executed!

  18. Uma, thanks. Fall will be very exciting around here!! For sure!

    Thanks Carolyn! I really enjoyed that project! A little bit of sewing and a little bit crafty. I'm a cardigaholic! I'd like to try sewing more with sweater knits. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Okay. What a coincidence. We both made a pencil skirt in the same fabric. Love your outfits. You've produced some great garments.

  20. Thanks Manecoarse! I was very surprised to see such a great fabric from JoAnn's! It's such a unique print! Your version is cute!


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