Impressionist floral dress, B5455

En plein air is a French expression which means "in the open air", and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Thanks wikipedia.org.

I didn't realize what this fabric and pattern would do to me. Seriously, readers I've been swooned! If that's even a word! It's been a while since vie felt a thrill like this and then my color phobia began to set in and panic ensued. Wadder or just toss it in the circular filing? But alas I found my common sense on the floor, picked it up and finished this hidden gem maybe even a diamond.

Brights and artsy florals are on trend this summer. At first I went right past this print to another boring, yet beautiful neutral fabric. But something in my peripheral caught my eye. It was a bit ugly and beautiful, to me, at the same time. Often when I'm on the hunt I snap a quick pick for reference if I'm buyin' or just to help me make up my mind, hot or not? Fabric Used: jacquard fuchsia scribble flower print, a spring bottom weight from JoAnn's, 100% Cotton. I had to use blue tailors chalk for the markings to see darts & seam lines. 1/8 cording used. Invisable zipper

Let's talk about the pattern. Butterick, I hope you're listening. I knew you could do it. Incorporate design, simplicity and style all in one pattern, that's easy enough for beginners to complete successfully and for the more experienced, an easy breezy, "I need a dress to whip up I a couple days" and look fabulous, type pattern. Pattern Description: MISSES' DRESS: Semi-fitted, straight dresses A, B, mid-knee length, have lined bodice, pleated front neckline, midriff front, side slant pockets, back zipper and hemline vent. A: self-fabric piping trim.

I know, I know I need to take more pics as I go along, but readers I got really wrapped up! Here are the detailed pics.

Lining: switched the order around a bit so I didn't have to hand stitch. Don't get be wrong, I love couture, but much more so when the techniques are appreciated. My exception: Hems! My mother taught me that. Hand stitched hems are the best!! IMO.
Back to the lining. Leave the side seams open, sew lining neckline, then armsye, pull through and press. The finish side seams. I found that under stitching was not necessary. Everything laid perfectly, especially where piped.

The piping: I choose to use the same fabric to do the piping. It's very simple to do. I usually secure the trim by sewing across the fabric through the cord to prevent slipping. The trim was placed so that the colors did dot match up. So the pink is next to the white or the purple is against the yellow. I really wanted a contrast so the colors would pop!!! That turned out well!

Pocket retrospective: Please consider your waist proportions. Next time, if there is a next time, I will narrow the upper edge of the front skirt to show more pocket. The whole rule of thirds is missed at my waistline, IMO. Probably not that obvi to some, but because I really like the rest of the dress it will stay this way.

Would I sew it again? I probably won't sew his one again, but I really recommend it. Thinking of transferring some design elements to another pattern though. I would have liked to play with the neckline, but the design was satisfying. One suggestion: keep the fabric patterned or highly textured. When initially picking this pattern, I was not enthused with the center front bust seam. It does not flow with the nice curved lined of the bodice midriff. Or do a test muslin with the front bust on the fold. I think that will work.

Conclusion: Very zingy! What do you think: too much color or perfect for summer?


  1. I think the comments are working now on this post.

  2. That is a beautiful dress. You did a great job with it.

  3. Beautiful dress. Perfect for summer.

  4. Beautiful dress! I'm completely hooked on florals right now!

  5. Love that dress. The print is aweseom!

  6. That looks beutiful on you! I also love that print.

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  8. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous fabric. This is the dress I am making next, and I am very excited to finish it. I was concerned the neckline might be an awkward height, but it looks good on u :)



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