"Carrie"d Away

So much to say today, mostly because I didn't post yesterday.  Sorry, ladies got caught up in the long awaited movie viewing of Sex and the City 2!  Whether you've seen it or haven't seen it, I won't provide any spoilers for you today (but you might want to avoid the rest of the internet).  

The sequel to the first SATC movie did not disappoint in the fashion department, not in the least bit.  In fact this week, the Today show had Patricia Field, my fashion fairy godmother and stylist for Sex and The City, on talking about some of the fabulous looks feature in SATC2.  While she talked about having a budget for each look and how she managed to get fabulous looks by doing a lot of do-it-yourself items for the show, I found some very similar looks on some of my favorite stores online.  So before I unveil my take on a look for Carrie, her are some little tidbits.

In the movie, Carrie arrives with her girlfriends in Abu Dhabi wearing an asymmetrical pink dress and a jeweled turban headdress.  I found a similar dress at Bergdorf Goodman by Halston Heritage for $325.

Later in the movie, Carrie walks down the beach in a red strapless pleated gown.  I found the dress (or similar one) at Bergdorf Goodman also by Halston Heritage for $895.
 Hope you enjoyed those tidbits.  Fact is, with the right fabric you can make these outfits yourself.  I am definitely considering the orange pleated silk dress, maybe in a pretty yellow.  Now the outfit I put together for Carrie is a little Prince-ss of Persia-influenced.  Throughout all the interviews for this movie, all the actresses said that this movie is definitely an adventure.  So thinking back to movies like Aladdin and forward to the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, I came up with this one.

Want details on the outfit?  Click here for more information.


  1. I love your creations and must say that I, too, was Carrie'd away after SATC. So many awesome looks I can't wait to create.

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