ROY G. BIV - Do you Know your Colors?

Red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet. We may not all remember when are where we learned the rainbow acronym, but it comes in handy organizing your closet or thinking of possible color combinations. Now it's time to introduce the grown up version of Roy G. Biv: Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color.

The Pantone Fashion Color Report highlights the top 10 colors of the upcoming season featuring top designers use of those colors in their fall lines. The report also features commentary about the selections and inspirations for the color schemes in that season. By and large, having the Pantone Fashion Color Report helps you to be a saavy shopper pre-season and a fabulously styled woman once the season begins.

For example, the top ten colors for Fall 2010 are as shown below:Looking forward to the Fall 2010 Season, these colors are very present in many different fashion lines, from Ann Taylor LOFT to Banana Republic.

Now as you prepare for the fall season, with your
Pantone Fashion Color Report in hand you can select fabrics, dresses, pants, shoes, and jewelry that will have you looking very fashion forward and in style.

Get your Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010 at Pantone.com.

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