Samantha Jones - Sassy, Smart & Sexy

This week HLT & I will feature Sex And The City 2-esque outfits based on your favorite New York ladies.  So when you go and see the movie this Thursday, May 27, you can channel your inner SATC for the premiere or for any day in the future.


Samantha Jones.  Sassy, sexy and as ageless as her dermatologist and personal physician can keep her.  All through the Sex and the City television series and the movie, each Samantha outfit has been very very sexy, with a touch of the '80s.  In the first SATC movie, we can see Samantha's love of the '80s in her shoulder pads, jacket silhouettes and the rockin' mix cd she brought over to help Carrie pack up her apartment.  Samantha's daily homage to the '80s is based on her love for extreme fashion and excess-sories.

In SATC2, Samantha invites the ladies to the Middle East for a little rest and a lot of decadence.  From the trailers and leaked snippets, we can surmise that she bumps into Smith Jerrod (old flame), meets a young hot man (new flame) and fights with menopause (hot flame).  With all of these hot situations, I channeled Samantha's inner inspiration Cleopatra.  In many illustrations and feature films, Cleopatra is clothed in wealth doubling as armor, always ready for unexpected battles of her country and her heart.  This Carmen Marc Valvo Couture Beaded Sheath Dress is cream colored underneath but covered inch-by-inch by metal beads is taken to fashion extreme with a Prada Stone Bib Necklace, KARA by Kara Ross Stingray Cityscape Cuffs, Giuseppe Zanotti Zip Cuffed Jeweled Sandals and Zoe Diamond Sphere Earrings.

Check out the Samantha-inspired outfit on Polyvore!

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