Vacay Flutter tank, M5853

Although I've been traveling all spring, I can't wait till my next vacation! Im a traveler and honestly, readers I don't travel light. Everything that I want to bring gets a vacation too. Albeit, I highly recommend taking photographs of everything you bring for insurance purposes, and in the event that your bag gets lost, which is a possibility these days. But to add the the fun, I like to keep plenty of tops in the bag for the frequent but very necessary outfit changes.

This was an easy one to make, and I've made it many time before. Fabric: Joann's. Before the binding was sewn, I added oddly shaped layers, some biased, some on the grain. Self binding & self belt.

Styled: Off to Cape Cod

This is the J.Crew version for only $35. It's not a bank breaker but it's so fun to DIY! Whatcha think?

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