SATC 2: Miranda Rites

If you've been around long enough, you can remember that at one time white Keds and ankle socks were chic for adult women to wear. Thank goodness the fashion trends are continually changing. Miranda's style balances the scales of workwear, partywear, brunchwear and couchwear quite seamlessly, don't you think?. IMO, her clothes are always comfortable and then stylish. Nothing fitted or tight, no major sacrifices, but she will take her toes to the limit with sky high platforms, taxi anyone?

The above set could take her from day to evening in a hot NY minute with a couple change outs. You can find all the details at b4thedoor on polyvore.

"'It's been like a play land for the most beautiful clothes in the world.' Cynthia Nixon for Marie Claire. Lucky her!

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