The Alumni Dress, Chetta B 5316

It's amazing when you can wear a dress so fabulous that you feel you could live in it. Sit in your home and write your blog in it. Oh yes, I'm wearing it now, and I feel fab-u-lous! So finally it's all come together the dress, the belt, the shoes, the jewelry, the whole look.
So without further adieu, here she is: my dress and I.

My sister did an absolutely wonderful job at turning my sketch into reality. I also completed my belt but with an entirely different direction than I intended. After going almost blind trying to sew beads on to felt and then, felt on ribbon, I realized that it was not looking how I envisioned. So I took a step back and looked at my inspiration, the J. Crew bib necklace. If someone was to look in my accessories cabinet (which is on the verge of needing it's own closet) they would think I was a 55 year-old politician. Because I have enough antique jewelry and brooches to make your granny squeal with excitement. So I took some of my favorite pieces, a Weiss brooch and earring set, a fern brooch from Francesca's Collection, a spiral flower brooch and earring set, flower pin from Target, a pearl pin from T.J. Maxx and some orchid petals and made it work. I think it came out fabulously.


  1. You have an amazingly interesting blog. So Glad that I found it.

  2. Glad I found your blog. The dress and the belt are fabulous!! U R working the dress.


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