SATC2: Charlotte York Goldblatt & Dress Homage M5455

"Park Avenue Pollyanna," as coined by Carrie Bradshaw, has the most conservative style amongst her girlfriends. It's prim a proper with a twist of trendiness and a dash of who's that old lady! The pink suit/dress is by Dior, love the designers concept but the color is so heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach...you know the rest. I would/maybe so copy that in a gray or black in a minute. Speaking of which, now is the time to get the fall stuff in line, but more on that in another post. Obvi, the green and white number is a throw back to the 80s it's so LP, Lilly Pulitzer. I'm really dying over the emerald ruffled shirt dress. I do need that dress in my life. This is on my list for summer dress hopefuls, with a little less hip and a bit more fit. Conservtively sassy! Lastly, the red and white strapless dress... Love, love! More on that a little further down.

The soft washed emerald tone strapless dress is divine! Straight from the penthouse right?

The homage: Yes, B5455 again! But it ended up with a very different look for a different event. Aside from Cynthia Steffes' strapless dress by Vogue, I've been searching for a strapless sheath pattern for a while. Most of the patterns I've come across have a full skirt or are A-line. So I went back to my fave dress of the summer so far and subtracted the straps to make it work... for me.

So here are the changes:

I redrafted the top portion of the front bust pattern piece to make it strapless. Included most of the pattern pleats to an extent, which would mean that I will eventually have to ease out the difference for a good fit. The bust piece measures 5 inches in the center and 3 on the sides, vertically. On top edge, there are 12 mini darts hand placed and measured. The bottom edge had 2 pleats and 2 mini darts, one on each side, closer to the side seams.

The back bodice was modified as well but it was much easier. There is one dart on each side, as the pattern calls for. That didn't change, but after finishing the front bust and midriff with piping I remeasured for the back bodice and added 1/2 inch for the piping on the top and bottom. Piping around the top edge. Fusible horsehair (I highly recommend this for serious yet flexible stability) was used on the front midriff and plastic boning at the side seams. I would have liked to be more creative with the bust piece, but I think this works. Slightly widened the front skirt. Everything else is the same.

Fabric: Fabric Used: Red rose printed cotton stretch sateen from Habermans. 1/8 cording used. Invisable zipper. Fusible horsehair. Plastic boning.

Simply styled.

Whatcha think.


  1. I think this is a GREAT look for you -- you're a Charlotte I guess! (ha ha) Lovely dress and beautiful print.

  2. I love your dress! I'm a Charlotte also!

  3. Beautiful dress...you look wonderful in it!

  4. Beautiful dress! Love the fabric.

  5. Thanks everybody for commenting! The dress fits really really good, better than others I've made or purchased. Can't wait to wear it! ~HLT

  6. Love, love it! Great use of the pattern. Making this a strapless dress, gives the pattern new dimensions. I sometimes mix and match tops and bottoms of dresses. On my list of to dos, I'm planning to make a skirt from B5455 (black and white). Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  7. This fabric is gorgeous! I'll be searching for it to be used in my first dress pattern.

  8. Great ohsoswt19! This should be very exciting for you! You can e-mail me at b4thedoor@gmail.com with a picure or just to let me know you've posted somewhere on the blogosphere when it's finished. Thanks for sharing! ~HLT


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