Pre-Summer Night Trends

Ever walk into a store and think you were having de ja vu?  Something about the dresses or tops or maybe the skirts seem oddly familiar.  Is it the colors, fabrics or did you get disoriented and walk into the same store again?  Most likely you sensed a trend.  Right now, as stores begin to get their summer floor sets you can see a common thread in what will be popular this summer.  Some you've seen before and some are a new twist on a classic.


1 - Ann Taylor LOFT Petite Sequin Tank $1495                       4 - Anthropologie Streaked Light Skirt $118
2 - J. Crew Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee $72                             5 - Banana Republic Heritage Starry Night
3 - J. Crew Sequin Chino Short $198                                              Tank $98

Zebra Print
1 - Ann Taylor LOFT Animal Jacquard Pencil Skirt $7950        4 - Anthropologie Serengeti Sundress $6995
2 - Banana Republic Haircalf Belt $5950                                   5 - Banana Republic Linen Zebra Shift $130
3 - Ann Taylor LOFT Zebra Print Cardigan $5950

Metallic Linen

1 - Anthropologie Burnished Short-Shorts $5995                   4 - J. Crew Golden Swirl Dress $268
2 - Anthropologie Gilded Lily Skirt $78                                 5 - Nordstrom Farinaz 'Rapture' Linen Blend
3 - Ann Taylor Loft Glitter Linen Shorts $3950                             Tunic $168

So would you wear any of these Pre-Summer Night Trends?  How would you wear them?

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