Zebra, toile, batik oh my! apron

So I did end up finding a pattern in my stash that I liked the basic shape of. M5825. The skirt is flared so it adds to the ruffling of it all. Most of my fabric is color coordinated (ROYGBIV) when stored, except for the top 6 pieces that need to be sewed up. These remnants are from other projects that have been completed over the years.

The totes were made in '08 from a printed canvas, that I try to keep in the car, so can say no to plastic! I'd like to make more of these, they are much better than the cheapy ones they sell at the register these days. The dress is from '09 that I wore to a wedding. And I just recently finished the zebra pencil skirt. The batik fabric was used for the bodice and skirt & I've had it in my stash for way to long. I prefer a fresh crop of fabric, even vintage fabric I want it to be new to me. Anyway, this project has helped me clear out some little pieces to make room for the new or new to me fabrics.

The ruffled layers were hand placed and measured depending on the length of the piece (the ruffles, neck & waist tie, and pleated pocket are HLT drafted). Waist tie & pleated pocket are from the tote bag fabric. All edges are finished and enclosed.

The front bow is a single piece is about 18 inches long. It was a beast to turn, but it turned out to be a nice detail.

I might revisit this pattern. Honestly, readers this could make a great gift for an Aunt I have in mind. I do think it turned out nicely, and it a quick way to use small pieces of fabric. What to you do with your extras? Keep or toss?

It this too much print on print or just right? I love it!


  1. Love all of the black and white prints!

  2. Very nice. I keep wanting to make a pretty apron, just can't get round to it.

  3. Thanks y'all. Fun & easy to make, very kitchen sassy. Faye, same for me. I just saw those remnants & stash stuff together and it just came together like that. The pattern: I highly recommend, it's got great bones! ~HLT

  4. I love how you utilized the prints. It makes for an interest apron. Looking good in the kitchen. ;-)


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