Vintage A+ Pencil Skirt

Many many years ago I bought this cute yellow, cream & brown plaid A-line mini at a vintage store and wore it very often that summer. I was so young the skirt was hardly short enough! LOL! Ahhhh, remember when? But since it was vintage, I left the hem alone. Anyway I haven't let it go, as I tend to keep really old fab stuff. When I bought this I remember asking if they knew the brand of the skirt, but there was no tag inside. So when I was looking in my closet for some vintage inspiration this came to mind 1st. Originally, the skirt had 5 buttons down the front, but the proportions were wrong for my petite frame, so I removed 2.

I love the fabric, and haven't seen any quite like it. It's a nice cotton, brocade like because it had ridges.

As I continued my skirt investigation the binding and the hand stitching caught my eye, then the buttons. Then I realized I have a vintage skirt that someone made in their home many years ago!

You can find it on Flickr, 7026 by Simplicity. Thanks to SurrendrDorothy for posting and providing the correct pattern number. BTW, I dont actually have this pattern, my skirt was made from the skirt (view 3, with patch pockets) that was probably made from this pattern. So I traced the skirt, omitting the darts, I prefer not to have them anyhow. Adding a seam allowance and length.

Just like the vintage, I used seam binding to finish the waistband.

To confirm even further, the original button, picture below, top left, is the same as a current LaPetite buttons I found with a slightly different patina. But I liked the brighter ones...the complement my shoes right?

The fabric is silk from Lemon Creek Fabrics.

Used a invisible zipper as usual, and I just love the back tab! Might have to use this detail more often. Self drafted and interfaced with fusible.

Ultimately, the pockets had to stay far away. Cute on the mini, not so chic on my almost A-line pencil skirt. Besides the back tab the other interesting detail is the front faux opening/pleat. Modest detailing.

For GodsgirlT,
This skirt is finish able in 2-3 hours sdepending not the sewing speed.  Drafting the tab and inserting the zipper required the most time. It might looK like it took more than a couple hours but I believe that's the result of the silk fabric and gold tone notions, that really make is all pop in a subtle classy way.  

Cutting the skirt didn't take that long because the original fit me so well.  Just a bit of tailors chalk to add seam allowance and a little length to the hem.  Here's exactly what I did, the order process:

-Trace & cut skirt (front, back and tab pieces).  Press.
-Staystitch front and back waistline. Press.
-Fold front skirt in half.  Press.  Sew front pleat (1 inch deep).  Press.
-Sew side seams.  Press.  
-Sew tab. Trim.  Press.  Turn & sew buttonhole on tab. Press.
-Sew center back (Basting zippered portion, then lock stitch.  Continue with a regular stitch to the hem.  Press.
-Remove baste stitch, insert zipper with tab.  (Layered: left back skirt, back tab, left zipper tape.  Recommendation: sew slower over tabbed area, of course use a zipper foot.
-Insert seam binding to waistline, clip curves.  Press.   
-Sew on buttons & hem. Press hem.

Thanks for asking!

Overall, I do like the look! And with the blouse (retail) it adds a nice vintage finish, almost Mad Menish look. I highly recommend vintage redos & copies with a twist if necessary. Thoughts anybody?


  1. I love your skirt and blouse. The whole look is perfect!

  2. Nicely done! How tedious (if at all) was the process?

  3. Thanks for asking GodsgirlT! I just edited the post with all the details. Hope this helps! ~HLT

  4. Okay. Not as bad as I thought! THANKS!!!! Again - great job!

  5. Super cute skirt - love it with the blouse. Thanks for the link and the comment!! I'm enjoying your blog.

  6. Yea! Linda, I'm glad your enjoying! Thanks! HLT

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