Vintage Style

Olivia de Hallivand's picture graced the front of Picturegoer magazine in 1950 in this short-sleeve deep neckline multi-belted dress looking absolutely gorgeous.  Fast forward over half a century and she is still looking very stylish in her outfit.  So how do you take this 1950s dress to 2010?  Two choices: a) sew it yourself or b) find a base dress and add the right accents to make it reflect the essence of this de Hallivand dress.

Vogue, Butterick, McCalls, Burda and Simplicity all have a selection of retro or vintage patterns that can be used to reflect the essence of this 1950s dress. (Pictured Vogue Pattern V1044 and V8353)

Update it! Use a metallic linen fabric or soft silk in a bold color, replace the buttons with fabric rosettes, substitute the leather strap with small strands of gold chains and keep the lower portion of the silhouette very current (pencil, mini, flutter a-line)

Buy & Style
Or pick up this $28 dress from Forever 21 and multiple skinny belts to copy the Olivia de Hallivand look.


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