The coat with no name

So, if you haven't noticed, there is a bit of vintage talk here @b4thedoor. Growing up, I was surrounded by vintage furniture that I loved, it was everywhere. My favorite is the kidney shaped vanity & stool with a hidden drawer, so adorable. Sitting there made me feel so grown, even though my toes didn't reach the floor yet. Not to long ago, my grandmother gifted me this fabulous vintage winter coat. I wear it with pride and hope the day never comes when I will decide to take it apart piece by piece to make another one, exactly the same. I will sew and cry and sew and cry. Hmmm, is sewing my therapy? Am I making progress? Slowly, slowly. Anyway, here she is...my unnamed coat!

I did take some photos of the pockets but they didn't show the detail well at all. The flaps are faux, and the real pockets are on seam, supper hidden.

She has great back shoulder darts that peak under the collar and a double button back faux belt.

Her buttons are not what they used to be, I'm sure, but they have a unique deco feel, with the silver tone double inset details. On the inside she says Lorendale, but that's just on the inside.

So do you have a vintage something that you want to redo? Is vintage yucky & gross to you or chic, quality and fabulous? Whatcha think? I love!


  1. I am a vintage kind of girl. ;-) That is a great coat to copy. Good luck on this great project. While I don't have anything that I would like to copy at the meant, I do own a few vintage patterns that I am planning to sew. Vintage to me is classic and ultra chic/sophisticated. Quality and fabulous all the way!

  2. Thanks C! My vintage pattern collection is pretty small right now, but I have some great gems. Still dating for the perfect fabric. I will not settle! Thanks for commenting. Well put! ~HLT

  3. I absolutely believe sewing is therapy!


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