Don't Forget the Shoes! B4 The Door Thursday

I saw this lady that had the cutest outfit on today.  It was bright, summery and light, perfect for the hot and humid weather.  I was inspired by her coral and yellow combination, so beautiful.  Just as I was about to consider posting an homage set to the outfit on Polyvore, I looked down.  Her shoes, sigh, were plaid tennis shoes.  Not even really matching plaid.  I have seen this a lot and I have done the same thing.  I had a great outfit, then realizing I didn't have any matching shoes, so I threw on some comfortable shoes.  Maybe I hoped that my style from the ankles up would distract people the madness going on at my feet.  Sadly it did not. So ladies, sew or buy, design and style great outfits, but 
please don't forget the shoes!

Check out the details on Polyvore!  Join our b4thedoor group on Polyvore and show us how you'd fix your b4.

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