Lemlem dress ideas

Recently, a new reader requested ideas for a DIY project, making this Lemlem Lucy patio dress. She likes it, but not a $200 like it. Here are 2 great ideas to get it done!

This would be my first choice! NL6936.

A second option: S2642.

Or you could use both patterns: Using S2642 for the top (I think the sleeves look better) and NL6936 door the skirt portion (it's not as full). Just match up the size correctly.

Finding fabric that you like might be more challenging than sewing it up! Good luck finding something that you love! Here are some suggestions:

Designing your own fabric with ribbon will be a very tedious process but very rewarding.

Lastly, screen printing the stripes on your fabric. This will create a unique custom look, that you'll enjoy for years! Oh, and I have no idea about the cost, unless you DIY, it could get pricey! There are plenty of videos to walk you through this process.

Hope this helps and good luck on your project! Thanks for asking too! Have a question, let me know at b4thedoor @ gmail dot com.


  1. SCREW Nu Look 6936!!!!

    I made this pattern on 2 different occasions and freaking hated it. It was a waste of my money, time, fabric and effort!

  2. MIW, there are some great reviews on Pattern Review website. You may want to check them out before starting. Again, thanks for asking!

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