SATC: Do you apron like I apron?

Charlotte York with her daughters Rose and Lily have a scene in the new movie making chocolate cupcakes, or, well so it seems in the trailer. Rose has her hands perfectly covered in batter and imprints them on her mothers rear end, while she is wearing a beautiful white vintage something. But the cutesy thing is that they are all wearing this yummy cupcake apron. It's sold at Anthropologie for $32.00 for the bakers delight and $24.00 for the kids version.

For Christmas 2009 I received a wonderful custom gift from my mother. Love it. No pattern used, but these lovely layers do remind me of the sweetest confections. And of course, she gets me & my phone, so there's a hidden pocket under the 1st layer of frosting. Yummy!

This week I plan to sew up a apron for myself and post it on Friday. If you want to join in, you can. It can be newly sewed or years old. Limit 1 apron submissions per follower. Just e-mail your pictures of an apron that you sewed and a very brief description by Thursday, May 28, 2010, midnight pacific standard time (3 am EST Friday). Sorry about the short notice.

This is not a contest! It's just for fun! Join in!

Sorry to those of you who have been clicking on an empty link. I'm working with pages and it's giving be a bit of grief at the moment. The post was supposed to look like this:

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