Skinny Penny Pocket pant, V1039 sample 1

Well almost skinny...

Tissue fitting first ...

What I learned:
Wow, leg length is great! For 5"2', it's spot on!
Oh no, the waistband hits my sternum. Will adjust for that.

The pattern info:

MISSES’ TUNIC AND PANTS: Loose-fitting tunic with extended shoulders, front and back pleats, side gathered bands and shaped hem band, topstitched trim. Pants have side front slant pockets, upper inside pocket (that there is no picture of, but I'll show you later), contour yoke with back tab, invisible zipper closing and topstitched trim, above ankle length.

Side note: This is almost exactly what I want in a pant pattern! Initially I planned for this pair to be my muslin. I used fashion fabric that I purchased many years ago, but the weight and stretch is similar to the fashion fabric that I planned to use on my final sample.

NOTIONS: Pants: 7"/9" Invisible Zipper, Hooks and Eyes.

FABRICS: Tunic: Charmeuse and Crepe de Chine. Pants: Stretch Linen and Stretch Crepe. The stretch is very important in the comfort & fit!

Combinations: BB(8-10-12-14), FF(16-18-20-22)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes! But I was really worried about it, especially after I finished the penny pocket!

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes they were! And believe me, I read them 2x before cutting, and then again during the process. While making the pockets, I was challenged to visualize how it would fit together, but if you follow the instructions, step-by-step they will turn out nicely!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?. I loved the skinniness and the side zip! Front fly trousers send me into a sewing sabbatical faster than.... But I'm working on that.

Fabric Used: Brown black poly stretch with a slate blue pinstripe, with a hint of midnight. It's really nice, probably from Fabric Warehouse before they moved.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: The only alteration was to shorten the rise by 1.75 inches! I know! That's a lot, it was risky, but I wanted a modern/trendy waistline. Glad I did! Fortunately, that matched up well. I didn't do much topstitching, wanted to keep the look clean.

Oh yea, after thinking about the unique midnight pinstripe I decided to add a design element to complement the color. I switched the back facing piece to a dark blue linen.

The back tab thingie is a disaster if you already have issues with the back waistband sticking out. On my next muslin I will delete that!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I'm working on a purely test muslin to correct some fitting issues and then I'll do it again on my fashion fabric. On my next muslin sample I'll show more step-by-step details.

Conclusion: Almost love. Will wear with Spanx! LOL!!!!

Changes on the next pair: delete the back tab, slim the legs down a bit, crop the leg a bit, add cool pocket lining, adjust for the FFT (full front thigh, how embarrassing!).

Oh, the top? I made it a couple years ago! It's an RTW copy/modification.

Thanks for reading, really!


  1. Those are cute. I've had that pattern pulled out for a few weeks now since that style is everywhere for fall.

  2. Thanks Erica B. Were you going to make the blouse too? That would be fab on you, I don't think I could pull it off without lots of modifications!

  3. Spanx? You're joking, right?! I was waiting to see your review of the pants. I love how they turned out. I'm still on the quest for good fitting pants and may give this one a try.

  4. Seems like the pants fit you well.... I guess it would be a pattern for me as I am 5''4'. Looks great!

  5. LOL, Lynelle, just some control top hosiery! LOL! I'm joking. So I'll post a review hopefully sometime next week. They did turn out better than I thought but still need a little tweaking. I'm happy I'll be able to wear them!

    Uma Preve, these pants would look great on you, perfectly on trend as Erica mentioned. I don't think this style is going any where!

    BTW, I highly recommend this pattern once you get the fit. I'm in the middle of my second sample now and it's going well. Thanks for commenting!

  6. You sure this isn't a wearable muslin? Your pants look great and fit you great! I feel you on shortening the rise. I don't like pants hiked up so high on my waistline either. Can't wait to see your next pair!!!!

  7. Yea, it is. I hope to be finished my Monday to post! Thanks for commenting Victoria!

  8. These turned out really cute. I think your next pair will be amazing. I appreciate all your detail with how the construction process went. So helpful!

  9. Thanks Mushywear! I know, I wish I had the pictures as I was sewing through, but I did each step by-the-book as it were and the didn't end up in the garbage! Yea!

    I have lots more pictures of my second sample. I hope to post that some time tomorrow. Still deciding on which top to wear with it. Thanks for chatting!

  10. I really like the leg silhouette on this pair. Did you make any width adjustments to the legs? I'm very curious since I'm looking for a good pair of slim, not skinny pants.


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