The Mad Men effect

It's true, sometimes I watch TV just for the fashion!

Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant has done a great job creating great styles that are classic and what we want to wear for fall. The timing is perfect! And now is a great time to hunt for those vintage patterns circa 1964! Here's my pattern pics:

Just drop the sleeves!

Sans collar!

Add a petticoat! Bottom of V8020 &top of V857.

Choose either one!

Do you plan pull your style from the networks for fall? Maybe just one thing?!

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  1. I do this a lot. Now I find myself watching old movies on TCM to see the dresses. I do the same with the decor of rooms that I see as well.

    I believe that this is my first time commenting but I do love the blog.


  2. I JUST finished watching the season premiere of Mad Men, and I LOVE the fashion!!! Joan wore a navy blue dress that was sooooo beautiful... I have to see if I can find a picture of it... I would copy so many of their outfits!

  3. Loverofwords, I too love to watch TMC, especially around Oscar season. I think I need to set some recordings on that channel...it's been a while! It's also a great idea to get inspiration for home dec stuff too! So nice of you to say that you love my blog! WOW! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

    Marybeth, oh my! This episode gave really good dress! The contrast lined collar ruffle was very unique on Joan and on trend for many current patterns now being sold! I was quite fond of Mr. Draper's dates dress, the strapless one with the feather trim. And how lovely for her to stand up so I could see it! Nice! Thanks Marybeth for commenting!

  4. First of all love your dress, I also like watching TMC the clothes they wear are just elegent. They would take changes and go way out on a outfit and it would just be beautiful.

  5. This was such a funpost! I loved it!

  6. Thanks Gold! I totally agree!

    A Sewn Wardrobe, thanks for reading. Glad that you liked it!

  7. Great pattern match-up's. You've gone and done all the work for us. If only now we can get you to make the dresses for us! LOL! I love the show Mad Men, and the thought of being able to make some of those gorgeous dresses is an appealing one!!!

  8. Thanks Victoria! Believe me, if I had a factory I would so do that! LOL! Thanks for stoping by!


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