A little bit Minnie, skinny penny pant, sample 2

Vogue 1039. You've seen sample 1, here's more details and my second version!

The pocket process deciphered :

Up close details!

Ok, so I had 10 more pictures to show you readers but they were so fuzzy I was getting dizzy! Sorry you can't see the front of this outfit.

The tone and texture of these pants is very neutral, so they basically will coordinate with everything, but I like them with a pop of color!

I'm glad I changed a few things! I love the belt loops and the garment quality pockets (idea from the Making Trousers book by David Coffin) I also lowered the waistband by 1/2 inch as compared to sample 1. Serged the inseams & side seams together after it was machine stitched, like jeans. Slightly cropped (2 inches shorter than sample 1) but will work with heels or flats. The fit is...whoa! But the fabric is cotton stretch twill so they are very comfortable!

So I'm off to finish my final pair! Scream! The fit will be somewhere between sample 1 & 2 with a couple different features! It's all good though, my final pair should be a breeze, right?! The fabric from the first 2 pair was just in my stash, so it was great to use fabric that vie had for years. BTW, DH really likes these!

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  1. Love! The fit is so cute and flattering (you look so thin!) and the length is really stylish and now. Swoon!

  2. practice makes perfect
    i really like the second pair, I love the color and I liked how you paired it up with the vibrant colors, it looks very chic

  3. Wow Janna! Thanks! Music to my ears! LOL!!

    Trinilove, that's what it feels like! Pratice, practice, practice! I really cant wait to finish this last pair! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Cute pants....and top....and sweater....and shoes(both styles).....just cute! Lol! Nice job!

  5. Thanks GodsgirlT! I'm trying to hold my patience! It's so hot this summer I won't be able to wear these outdoors comfortably 'till September! Glad you stopped by!


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