Lattice belt DIY

Happy Monday Readers! I'm too tired to post want I want to post, but that will come tomorrow. Sorry. But I did get a little crafty today with this belt that I probably purchased 2 years ago from one of those cheapy cheap accessories stores, with the intention of using it on a sewing project in some way. Today was the day!

This belt caught my attention because of the intricate laser work, albeit on vegan leather textile. It did have some cons, it's two sizes to large and it has a hideous generic buckle. I started the project by cutting the belt 1 inch longer than my natural waist.

Keeping the original design of the end of the belt, I replicated the form on the opposite end and cut my hook and loop tape to match. From my experience sewing animal hide leather, using a tiny amount of rubber cement is helpful to set leather or leather like textiles. And I switched my needle to a leather grade needle.

Some of you may remember this (pre-blog, review is on PR):

Back to the belt...I sewed the tape onto each end using bar tacks which provided enough support for the wear and tear.

And voilà! I'll post about my vintage pattern dress tomorrow.

And one more thing...

While fabric shopping today, I commented on a piece of fabric that another customer scored in the remnant section. Hot, Italian rayon ikat knit border print, really great. Lovely. And then we both went our on way in the store. Much, much, much later she returned to me and said that the fabric was to thin for the project that she wanted to do, and offered it to me! Wow! A fabric store act of kindness. It was unexpected! I graciously accepted the piece. So to you, beautiful kind stranger I say, THANK YOU x 1000! Not just because I received some really cool fabric, but because I was blessed by your choice of kindness to another human being!

...that's all.

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  1. OMG! How sweet was that! Ikat is so hot... very Gucci! It was truly your lucky day!

  2. Thanks Erica B! It's 1 & 1/3. So I plan to squeeze out a maxi dress!

  3. I love reading a great story like what happened to you at the fabric store today. And you'll always remember that kindness when you wear the dress. Great belt re-fashion. I have a re-fashion coming up tomorrow too!

  4. I like the belt re-fashion. Looks really nice with the white dress! So creative!

  5. You obviously have great karma! LOL Congratulations on scoring that (free) fabric.

  6. Thanks Mushywear, I totally agree, I'll never forget, so this dress needs a special name! Maybe an anniversary celebration even! LOL!

    Uma Preve, thanks for commenting on my belt!

    Oh Peter, what a nice thing to say! Thanks!


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