Haute, haute, haute

It's couture time in Paris and two of my favorites revealed their collections yesterday.

Armani Prive
This show was sophisticated and business classic with a twisted marriage of fine tailoring and draping without being overworked. My favorite is this dusty cream dress, but will she move the clutch out of the way already!

Details that stand out:

Very modern earthy background, the pictures seem to have a softer focus. Many of the sleeves have a tire inflated look, almost bloated! Trends I like, sorry, but I like the fur accents! The boots look lice crinkled leather, sequins or boucle with the traditional Chanel capped toe.

The details: fur trim, cropped sleeves, bold chunky pleats & tucks, amazing hand beading.

Creative space update:

Well, the couch is out and the chair is in! A vintage armless recently recovered & gifted from grandmother. I like this corner (IRL pics tomorrow), but I may rethink the pillow. Today I will weed out some dead patterns to see if I can condense the collection and finish a project!


  1. OMG! Great minds! I was discussing the Armani Prive Couture Collection this morning, saying that it's my absolute favorite one! Unlike John Galliano's "botanic inspiration" fantasy collection for Dior, all of the Armani pieces are wearable! That is if you can afford a suit that cost as much as a Mercedes! LOL It does lend a great deal of inspiration to those of us that sew!

  2. That's exactly it Erica! Galliano is mostly artistic expression and Armani can be worn right off the rack. But at that price point it's only inspiration for me too! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Haute, haute, haute is fabulous. I great collections with interesting details.


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