Celebrate you! & Happy 4th!

Happy Birthday USA & Happy 4th of July US readers just a couple days early! Happy weekend international readers! I'm very excited that holiday time is here because I'll be taking some time to rest from sewing so I can shop for fabric! LOL!

I'm sure that there are special meals planned, family gatherings, and parties to go to, maybe even a wedding, but what will you wear? I've made a conscious decision to 'wear my work', at least 1 item each day through Sunday. And that shouldn't be hard because I do change outfits at least a couple times a day. Here's what I picked out:

Friday: Made the lace cami last year (pre blog). Still love it!

Saturday: Made the dress. See SATC Charlotte post. To wear on the lawn.

Sunday: Just made this sunset seagulls tank.

Will you celebrate you & wear what you made this weekend? Or will you be finishing projects? Do tell!


  1. I will be moving this weekend! However I can't wait to set up my sewing room and get sewing soon! Happy weekend to you and the outfits are very well put together.. Maybe some pictures of them on you? :)

  2. Wow cute outfits! Me and my daughter will be wearing some matching skirts I made us with a simple t-shirt. You have a happy Holiday!

  3. Thanks Uma, good luck with your move this weekend! Maybe pictures later this week...not sure. Gold, that great you and your daughter will stylish in your own 'you did it'! Have fun! ~HLT


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