Organizing and cleaning and a online sighting!

Good morning readers! I hope all of you had a great safe extended weekend, eating and celebrating and sewing. Cleaning & organizing has been the focus around my way and it's looking very spiffy (garage/basement)! Except my dedicated creative space... it's not as fabulous as it needs to be. It's 13 x 10, French doors, double window closetless space. And because it is not your typical bedroom, I feel starved for more storage. I have a great sewing table, IMO, for 2 machines and for regularly used notions, but I've out grown most of that too. For years I've been happy to lounge on my favorite loveseat to think, design, create, and occasionally nap! So, I think it's time to downsize the leisure seating! I'm not super happy about it, but a nice vintage recovered wingback could make is all better. So, I'm moving stuff out and sewing in between. This is it's current and transitional state:

Not to shabby, eh? The couch is leaving for a chair (l will have more space to drape) and the smaller cabinet is leaving for something taller and spacious! All I have to do is is find it and buy it! The hard version of my storyboard is hanging on the wall above the fabrics that are in queue, which reside just below on an IKEA bath towel rack. More on what's hanging there & the story board later.

In a very recent email!!!!!!!!!

I'm was very excited to see this email in my inbox this morning! Some great designers albeit repeats will have patterns in this rollout. Donna Karan, Rebecca Taylor, Tracy Reese, Anne Klein New York, Michael Kors, Bagdley Mischka, DKNY, Issey Miyake & Bellville Sasson. 2 new ones were revealed in the color and fabric trend report. Here's my attempt to decipher:

V1199 -Great bodice, pin tucks and neckline ruffles. Nice. Ruffles on the sleeves? Not so slimming! Here's to hoping it's and easy swap out if you love it. I don't... Without knowing the list of designers it looks like Anna Sui. But I'm guessing... Rebecca Taylor.

Readers, I can work with the office moto chicness. Looks like a zipper closure, without too much exposure. May have to shave down the collar and it might be to boxy for me, but the colors are divine! But I'm guessing...Anne Klein NY or one of the Donna Karan lines.

What do you think? Am I on track or off the mark? Personally, I can't wait to see the rest of the line!


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  2. Good Luck with your sewing room! I am looking forward to having a dedicated sewing space in the next place I live. It is nice to close the door on the mess of fabric and notions when you are in the middle of a project instead of having it all in your bedroom or dining room.

    I agree with your designer match-ups. I hate the ruffles on the sleeves, but the rest of that top is cute. I love that fabric that jacket is made out of. I wonder where I could get my hands on some! :)

  3. Jennifer, I've made a little progress today with a chair and a plant to create an oasis corner to rest. Next I'm searching for artwork to hang near my cutting table. And then I'm swapping with DH, I'll have a tall dresser for storage, but that won't happen till next week unfortunately!

    Yes to that fabric! I wonder if Vogue Fabrics of Chicago will have it? They usually have some of the fabric featured in the magazine, but it sells out quickly because they have a fabric club that features those fabrics. Their website is: www.voguefabricsstore.com then click on the fabric by mail collection, the summer fabrics are available now. Good luck on your fabric hunt!

  4. I'm so jealous that your VPM has arrived! Now I have to be on the lookout for mine!


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