Lame Pattern Sales! Summer Fabric! Wishlist!

The month of July is more than half finished! For me this means that I have
14 days to reduce some of my summer fabric stash before it's stored away (I do that before the seasons change), even though there's a good month left of hot sticky Summer, I'm ready to sew for Fall, but I'm just trying to sew these up! Too many pots on the front burners!

If you are looking for patterns:

July 18-24 Butterick patterns at Joann fabrics $0.99.
There might be a glimmer of hope here if they do the fall rollout this week!

July 19-24 Simplicity patterns at Hobby Lobby are $0.99.

July 22-25 Simplicity patterns at Hancock fabrics $1.99.

July 22-25 Kwik Sew patterns at Hancock fabrics 20% off.

July 29-31 Simplicity patterns at Joann fabrics $1.99 again!

It's like the retailers are trying to rid their drawers of the Simplicity patterns with all the sales! I wonder! But here are my pre-fall picks:

McCalls pattern sale is no where in sight either!

So basically, you're super lucky if you live near a Hancock fabrics last week (11-17th)! All the new fall Vogue patterns are yours for a chill $3.99. That does not include me, oh no, I'm 50 miles from the nearest Hancock location and it's even in another state! I need at least one to attempt to start on or at least ogle over. Does anyone have sympathy for HLT...anybody...sad face. I'll only put down 'the money' if it's vintage and I can't get it on eBay for cheaper. I have a situation!

From the sale schedule it looks like I'll be waiting till August or September for my Vogues!!!!!! Again, sad face. If I'm missing a sale, please let me know! Have a great sewing Sunday!

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  1. You don't Club BMV (Vogue's internet site)? I put patterns in my cart and wait for the lowest sale - they do have a $3.99 sale and with my Club BMV discount - it's ususally $3.59 - then I buy all the patterns that have been in my cart waiting.

    I don't visit the craft store masquerading as a fabric store (J) and I don't have a Hancock's or Hobby Lobby near me so that's how I get patterns.

  2. Well Carolyn, you have quite a point that I'm sure many sewers relate to. Just BMV! I rarely (1-2 times per year) BMV when the Vogues are on sale, but as a non member they are currently not on sale (except for clearance right now). So could you me my BMV aficianado and please tell me how many times the Vogues go on sale for members including the secret sales? Are they on sale after a new rollout? It sounds like it's a valuable retailer for you.

    I don't mind visiting the craft store to pick up sale patterns, which is how I usually get my patterns and the reason why my collection ever growing.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm not a BMV member, but I have ordered Vogues from them at 3.99 before - it seems they go one sale every month or two.

    My Hancocks never has the new collections until a month after Joann, so I buy most of my patterns there. And - Hancocks is really bad to never restock the drawer, which is why I ordered from BMV the last time - I was tired of not getting the Mouret galaxy dress pattern in my size!

    I like your picks - I can't wait to see someone make up that new Simplicity dress!

  4. Stitchywitch, I think we have a like situation. Basically, pay full price or wait a little while. There seems to be a gap of 2-4 weeks for a vogue sale including BMV. In any case I'll be watching to see who wins 1st, BMV or Joann! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I live in Vancouver, Canada, no Hancocks, Hobby Lobbys or Joann's. The closest we have to that here is Fabricland which you need a membership for and there is only one in Vancouver in an out of way place. It's way easier for me to BMV. The membership for both BMV and Fabricland is about the same. Also, I get all the patterns I want in the sizes I want, including new Fall ones. BMV have sales ALL the time, at least once or twice a month if not more. Right now, they have a $3.99 sale on Vogue, and $1.99 for Butterick and McCalls. Shipping isn't even that much for Canada and USA if you buy a lot in during the sale. If you buy 7 patterns, that's like an extra 75 cents each pattern and if you buy more, than shipping is less per pattern. I'm sure most people need to buy gas to drive out to their closest fabric store, so if you think of it like that, BMV is worth it. PLUS, you are in the loop when they do clearance which means they are pulling those patterns from regular print, it ends up being the last time you can get these patterns and then they're in the expensive "out-of-print" vault.


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