Making trousers or at least good looking pants.

I've been flipping through this book for pants help!

One great feature: it comes with a DVD-ROM, but it can only be viewed on a computer, it's in a PDF format...interesting. On some of the clips where he's not talking, it's just really bad background music, with limited typeset directions at the bottom of the screen! I had to turn that music down! The disc also has tons of pattern template. My favorite clip so far is the single welt pocket! Have I mentioned my welt pocket phobia yet? Also, I can't give a complete book review yet, but it's very comprehensive and detailed, definitely not for the beginner, but great to have around when designing pants! My primary purpose in reading this book is to gain a few designer secrets and tips that I can integrate into my pants pattern. This book/DVD has just what I've been looking for!

The Threads fitting DVD series on waist and hips was very helpful too. I don't make pants that often so a quick refresher in fitting is necessary!

Fitting issues:

Quadriceps femoris, illiopsoas, gracillis & sartorius: highly developed from years of gymnastics & training makes those ugly creases in the front, wiskers! Gotta fix that!

The section that was very helpful to me is fitting a full or flat derriere & fitting a full front thigh. The front thigh portion is the shortest clip and they don't actually show the pattern alteration but the same technique is used in the previous chapter, so you have to refer back.

So this is where it started. I did a muslin for the 1 inch extension but that was too much. The 1/2 inch worked out well.

BTW, I finished a test sample 1st via tissue fitting, then I did the above alteration. Now I'm off to do another test sample with this alteration!

Do you have a favorite resource when making pants or trousers that I need to have in my library?

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  1. Hey Lady,
    I agree with you, I own these 2 resources and they're great. I bought the trousers book fairly recent and haven't spent ample time looking at it. I don't make pants that often but I'm in need of capris so I'm back on it. I plan to just start sewing all of my pants since it seems easier then finding long pants for my 34" inseam.

    I have a few books on sewing pants that I listed in my Jalie Pants post Here..... http://tenthousandsewinghours.blogspot.com/2010/02/jalie-2909-pic-heavy.html

    I have to admit my favorite resource is the old school Singer Sewing library book. The other books listed are great as well.

    BTW, I smiled when I read your "fitting issues". I know alot of women who would love to have them. Well at least they explain your great physique (smile)!

    Have fun tinkering with your pants

  2. I have the book and didn't realize that the disk can only be viewed on my computer! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Victoria, you lucky leggy lady! I have the opposite dilemma when shopping for long capris...they look like perfect pants on me! And well, as much as I'd like to boo hoo about my legs and fitting blah, blah, blah...they are the best legs for me and I'm happy to have them! I'm coming over in a minute to look at your post...I need all the help I can get! Thanks!

    Carolyn, yes I dropped it in my DVD player and got the error signal! But it worked fine at my computer. Thanks for commenting!


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