The rest of that animal...a skirt.

Finally, good lighting!

So, of the 3 yards total purchased I was able to squeeze this out! Its the same fabric as the painted zebra wrap dress (see post for details). The skirt is TNT pattern, super easy, B5466. This time it's fully lined, no facing, invisible back zipper.

Conclusion: Sweet! It's easy to dress it up or down and that's exactly what I like!

Just as summer arrives, I'm very ready to start a fall wardrobe. I'm planning for it, but probably won't start until late July. Until then, back to dresses! The goal in my head is pretty high, but achievable. I just need the perfect fabric.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You got your money's worth from that 3 yards. The skirt is adorable! Love the shoes.

  2. That skirt is so pretty! Very chic!

  3. Great skirt and you sure did get your money's worth out of that piece of fabric!

  4. Great skirt! Love your top also.

  5. Cute skirt and you've designed a beautiful dress collection for summer. Like you, I've started thinking about my fall wardrobe, but summer's just beginning and the "list" is way too big to get it all accomplished. Oh well,..., we will see how it goes. lol Do show us your plans.
    Happy sewing!

  6. Pretty skirt.. I love that top also.

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm really glad that the skirt made it into my closet! Being petite (that's 5"2') I only need 5/8 for a basic pencil, almost everything sewn needs to be shortened. Anyhow, I really enjoy hearing your thoughts. HLT

  8. Your skirt is pretty much the perfect skirt, and I love how you've paired the understated zebra print with the bright tank.


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