Ignored, Seamingly

Back in May, during my normal sewing and design blog surfing I noticed these burgundy buttons for Seamingly.com on blog sites.  Most of you should know about it by now, but here's their about page:  

So if you haven't been to Seamingly yet, it's a bloglist of creative DIYers, dressmakers, designers and crafters, mostly savy sewist.  Some are hugely popular and others are unknown to me.  Like an encyclopedia of some of the best blogs out there!  Grosgrain, Male Pattern Boldness, Diary of a sewing fanatic, Erica B.! Great! So after a couple return visits and finding a great post on the site on other blogs, I decide that I'd like to join in.

So around the first week in June, I scroll to the bottom, tap on the link, fill out the form and tap to submit b4thedoor.  The thank you screen pops up and a note stating that they will make contact in 2 days.  So to me, that means 48 hours exactly.  I patiently wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait. Patiently.  Let's look at the calendar readers. It's August!  And they have said nothing. No email. No call. Silence from Seamingly.

One of the issues that I now have it that they do not tell you the criterion of how they select who's in and who's out.  I'd really like to know.  I have my own personal ideas, but am I the only one who has been ignored.  I could ramble on and on about the reasons why but I'd like to hear from you my favorite readers!  You're experienced and savvy!  And this is what I want to know:
Did you submit your own application or did someone else (like a follower or reader)? If you were accepted, what communication did you receive?  Did seamingly send a rejection e-mail to you?  Are you receiving the silent treatment like b4thedoor?  Should I try and submit again?  Should I forget about it?

Readers, please don't pity me and send an application on my behalf. Please don't. I want hear from Seamingly.com about the facts from them.

I'm not hating on those who are in...I've been following their blogs, and admired their mastery since before I had a blog via rss feeds. You're inspirational! So it's not that at all.

Lastly, about those voting buttons, I'm guessing that they will pass along some code once you receive their 'welcome packet', then you can customize it to your website.  And the more your readership votes the higher your site moves on the Seamingly.com blog list.  Are you popular? Are you cool with the kids?

This week I have plans to freshen up the place,  I know, it could be prettier, but I don't know code, I know fabric, so it may take more like 7 months than 7 days.  I'm trying readers!

So, in addition to my previous list of questions, I'm opening the door to some honest witty feedback mostly, constructive tidbits if you will, but don't get anonymous crazy.  Be bold.

That's all.


  1. Have you tried emailing info@seamingly.com? The guy in charge is named David (according to my old emails).

    An oversight, I am sure!

  2. No Peter, I haven't emailed them. Maybe I'll try that. Thanks for the contact info!

  3. Oh, the same thing happened to me. I never heard back from them in any way. I know my blog is not that popular, but don't think it's fair, either, to be left out.
    Good luck! :-)

  4. I find myself wondering if they're still maintaining the site...

  5. Barbara, wow! Thanks so much for commenting. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one ignored! I'm totally not attempting to claim that my litte corner of web space is popular either. I don't feel entitled. But I'd like a yes or no.

    Peter, you may be on to something. It's not like their are daily or weekly update. Hmmmmm.

  6. HLT, I've seen these buttons before but really have not looked into it. Now, I'm positive I don't want to know more about them! Especially after what you and some of your readers have experienced. That's not a good first impression for PR!!! Good luck if you continue with them!

  7. Thanks Myra for taking the time to comment! It's sad this is their first impression, but I'm interested in hearing what they have to say. I'll keep you posted here in the comments, unless there is BREAKING NEWS, then I will just post it!

  8. I just sent them an e-mail. Start the clock!

  9. You know, I get around a lot of sewing blogs (including all of those you mentioned from time to time) and I've never even heard of that site! I hope whatever you learn is good news to you. For what it's worth, I am glad to have found your blog--I greatly enjoy seeing people sewing and not just sewing, if that makes any sense.

  10. Thanks theseamery! Glad that you stopped by. No word from the folks at seamingly, and t this point I don't expect to hear anything. Im not dwelling on this any further unless there is emergent news. More importantly, I'm loving my little space. Thanks for commenting!

  11. Same thing happened to me. They don't seem to be updating their list anymore, which is a pity. Your blog should certainly qualify, especially since there are a lot of blogs on that list that have not been updated in ages.

  12. Julietta, so you too? They should at least make that known on their web page! Thanks for your nice comment. Let's move on to better things, shall we? :)


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