New Butterick Fall 2010 Patterns! Mostly Possibilities!

Well here they are! My gut reactions!

Sleeve insanity or sleeve iconic? Insanity.

Raglan sleeves make me look like a football player with plastic shoulder pads! I'm liking the peplum though.

Front: dress. Back: coat.

Cheepy, cheepy, in cheepy white poly! Will look great in deep plum point knit. I like the 3/4 sleeve length.

Skirt! Yes! Jacket? Maybe.

Must have it! Will get it! I can do a kimono sleeve!

Star trekie chic. I don't know.

Are you crying, or crying tears of joy? Well, readers I think I think some of these may get on the list after I finish the rest if my Vogues and vintages, but it's time for a pattern drafting class. I've made a couple things self drafted on my own, but I think it's time to get down! Pattern thoughts or direction on pattern making are welcomed!

I'll still post the dress today. Just later.

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