Another Microwave Sunday! And Museum Photos!

Except this time I have no idea what's going to come out!

I'd like to sew up some summer fabric, especially since it's still steaming hot around here. And I'd hate to make the fabric wait till next year.... But lately, it's been really difficult to make up my mind; Thai or Indian, curly or straight, Bare Essentials or Lancome, flip-flops or ballet flats, cotton or rayon Lycra, Draft it myself or Vogue it?! It's giving me a headache!

So I'm going into my space today feeling optimistic and indecisive! Due to my travels I haven't sewed a thing since V1190! Sad. And I'm feeling a bit out of sync. Post hiatus, I like to do a warm up tank top or cardigan. Maybe that's where I'll start, but I'm also feeling like a dress...long or short? Who knows?

Well, while in NYC I did a bit of American couture browsing at Oscar de la Renta. Readers, I wasn't picking anything up for my next event, just visiting one of my favorite artist work in a simply stated gallery, museum like, except touching is allowed. Little did I know that DH was photographing me while I was swooned and sugar plums danced in my head! Inspiring!

There are no simple dresses here. Every item had thousands of details. Embroidery so finely done it looks like a print. Beadwork so finely finished, fabrics from the finest mills. This was way better than the MET, for me!

Until later!

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  1. Hope you get your sewing mojo back! I know how that feels, in fact I am on a sewing hiatus! hahaha!

  2. It's slowly starting to come back, Uma. It might have been from inspiration overload! Thanks for commenting!

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