Every Girl In The World

Every woman has that one event, an ex's wedding, a high school reunion, a job interview or a trip inside Vogue which demands that you buy, make or steal one ensemble that encompasses and magnifies your years (or months) of personal accomplishment. For me it is...Alumni Weekend.

Now, I truly believe that each day should be a fashion show in your own mind. Wearing clothes that makes you feel confident and play to your strengths while causing an occasional bystander to wonder who you are or bask in your impressive style, should be a goal each day. And that desire is multiplied exponentially at the above mentioned events.

So after finding inspiration from Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and a little Polyvore, I came up with this. Now I do not sketch like a fashion designer. I downloaded a free silhouette from a website, drew my dress and filled it in. Anyone can do that, if you have fond memories of coloring books and crayons as a child, then you can do this.

As for the style of the dress, I wanted something tasteful, but sexy, effortless but interesting and also comfortable. Comfort does not mean elastic waistbands. However, it can mean a little stretch Lycra in a beautiful hot pink twill fabric with a subtle jacquard diamond design. I found this fabric at my local fine fabrics store for almost $20/yard. (Deep breath) I am currently without employment, so I have to think it over. I may be able to find something similar at another fabric store for a little less. *Fingers crossed*

The belt is something that I am going to make myself (My talented sister is going to sew the dress). I was inspired by all the bib necklaces you see lately, in particular the J. Crew bib necklace featured in their most recent catalog. However, rather than a necklace (I have broad shoulders and a short neck), I opted for a eye-catching belt that would accentuate the narrow section of my waist. So stay tuned, we'll see how this all turns out. I still have shoes and jewelry to consider. ~HLS
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