To go with what you sew: Cynthia Rowley edition

CR has some really neat patterns! Her frocks are so adorable and chic, Simplicity should be really be happy to have her around! But if you didn't know it, she's creating a unique empire of out of the box necessities. Summer is basically over, but these wedges caught my eye:

Need a cute dress idea? I really like this dress, and the front flap is such a great idea + the border! Insane! Although black, brown, or gold might work better as a border color when the weather transitions. Buy the clutch or sew the clutch? There's a pattern for that too!

But wait there's more! Pretty tools with an HLT basic gift ettitque clause: Ok to buy for yourself, never ok for a that's it here's your gift unless explicitly expressed:

Wow! diapers! A pretty addition to any baby shower gift basket, especially if there's an outfit to match!

More fabulousness from CR at:
Check out her website for all the details and Fall 2010 stuff!

That's all readers!

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  1. Very interesting post. Just checked out CR site. I like her stuff!

  2. I agree with you she does have some cute clothes and shoes. But I didn't realize she expanded her empire to include tools & diapers. What a great strategy and some cools stuff:)

  3. I believe I saw in InStyle or Lucky that she has band-aids out, too!

  4. Where are you? I LOVE your blog, and miss reading.

  5. Missing you and your blog...hope all is ok! and you just need a blogging break. I thought of you last week as I completed a garment for the first time in a year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Oh my gosh I love the second wedges. I love crazy patterns on shoes but it can be so hard to find sometimes!
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