Well, we all learn lessons. Sometimes the hard way. That's the adult way of looking at things. When really I'm upset and a bit ticked off. After searching for a better deal on a pink stretch twill, I came up empty handed. The hot pink cotton-Lycra blend, I found earlier was the best fabric. Notice I said was, because when I entered the store to purchase the fabric I was stunned to find that it was gone. Yes, gone. The ENTIRE bolt of fabric. It's like going to the Cheesecake Factory to order the Pumpkin Cheesecake only to have them tell you they won't have it until next fall, it's all gone. Except in my case, the fabric is not reorder-able, ever. A moment of silence for the beautiful jacquard...

Well, time is a ticking so I have to kick it into gear and be resourceful. I raced to the nearest Jo-Ann Fabrics and searched through their stretch twill fabrics. None with the subtle design that the other fabric had *sniff* (sorry, still in mourning), but aha! a nice stretch twill that is a beautiful color on my skin.
So now, I have to move quickly. The belt I'm working on will have to be tweaked a little because the colors have changed. I will post pics of the belt as soon as I have a working sample.~HLS

P.S. See "Tips" in pic on selecting fabric colors in the store.

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